About Us A five minutes drive from the International Airport

The Westonel Farmstay is a venture by Westonel Farmstay Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Punjab Tourism. It is a 5 minute’s drive from the Mohali International Airport. This farmhouse was built in 1983 which has been gradually converted into a farm stay in order to allow people to experience a true farmhouse culture. The place is developed in the lap of nature with thousands of plants.

The farmstay has a wide variety of plants from hibiscus red, white and maroon, bottle brush golden, bottle brush copper, fichus green bejamin, sanganiam, pink lilies, golden doronta hedge, arica palms, royal palm, golden bamboos, green bamboos, and several more varieties multiple gardens. The farmstay has dogs, geese and horses as pets.

The Westonel farmstay is a destination close to the city and away from the crowd with aesthetically designed interiors and all essential amenities. This farmstay has an organic café “Picasso” which offers farm grown baked dishes, smoothies and juices made by our trained chef. It is a perfect get away from the everyday mundane into the lap of nature. The farmstay offers activities such as art workshops and canvases to share a sense of creativity while you are hosted along with Jazz music to relax and unwind. A bonfire and barbeque is a daily ritual enjoyed by our clients in different lawns at The Westonel. There is a library with books on various topics. Mountain bicycles are available on the property to explore the countryside. There are beautiful bicycles trails around the vicinity of the farmstay to enjoy the countryside. One could opt for a short course of learning the basics of horse riding or take a ride on the horse if a guest is already a horse rider.

The property has thousands of flowers and a water body for the geese to feel as close to nature as they can get. A customized Yoga session is available and meditation classes on demand. The Westonel has several rooms with all the modern comforts that one can think of in the lap of nature. It is a perfect gateway to unwind yourself, explore your creative senses, detox your body with healthy farm grown food cooked in olive oil while you indulge in cardio activities such as cycling, horse riding and walks.

Our clients in the past include professionals from the World Bank, Diplomats, Ex- IIM Alumni’s, government officials, commercial pilots, scientists, writers, overseas travelers, artists, poets and animal lovers.

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